Timothy Ross has a lot of experience in working with companies in the USA, Canada, Asia, as well as across Europe to provide cutting edge graphic design & film production services.

A lot of previous work is in the Electronic Sports industry with services such as the concept & design of the Corporate Identity, Branding, Webdesign, as well as video production and Visual Effects (VFX). He also worked along other videographers to gather on-site footage at the venue of Esport-Tournaments. Timothy Ross has experience in working together with large teams and strives to exceed the expections of his customers.

High-end software and equipment guarantee a high level of professionalism.
The Panasonic GH4 camera and several lenses do a superior job for photography and video production in up to 4K resolution. There's a gimbal for extremely stable shots, as well as a professional shoulder-rig and a camera RC-Buggy for an unmatched POV available. The Adobe Creative Cloud provides the leading software tools for graphic design, image manipulation, as well as compositing and VFX.

Customers include Lucerne Tourism, Curaden, MeetYourMakers, Flipsid3 Tactics, MnM Gaming, ESP, Place2Eat, Rhyner Lichtplanung, ABW Winterthur and many more.

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Timothy Ross is a 19 year old swiss student, aiming to study at an international film school.

He has already founded two companies of his own, is in the management of two more and been working with companies and teams across the globe and therefore speaks fluently English and German.

Timothy has actively been involved in esports since 2013. He is in the creative director of MnM Gaming, a successful UK eSports organization. Previous customers from the eSport industry include Esports Pools, Flipsid3 Tactics, Team Dignitas, MeetYourMakers and many more.

His work is not only restricted to the eSports industry, as he worked on projects for companies in sectors like healthcare and tourism as well, such as Curaden, Lucerne Tourism, ABW Winterthur etc.

Timothy Ross is currently based in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is passionately working on several freelance & personal projects and managed to gather a lot of experience unusal for the age of 19 years.

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